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Joshua L. Jones, MD

Joshua L. Jones, MDAs an orthopaedic surgeon, my clinical practice focuses on hand and upper extremity surgery, and I also perform microsurgery. I currently see patients out of my offices in both Amherst, Orchard Park, and at ECMC, but I also take orthopaedic trauma call at ECMC, where I treat fractures of the upper and lower extremities. Within our group I tend to be referred some of the most challenging fractures of the upper extremity, and I treat them all with the highest level of integrity and confidence.

In the future I hope to get involved in research related to trauma of the upper extremity and arthritis of the hand, as that is what I am greatly interested in. Completing research such as this will help to improve the care of our patients and surgeries move forward.

Serving as a faculty member of the department of orthopaedics is very rewarding because I enjoy teaching others. I am very demanding of the residents who work with me, as I am with myself and I expect excellence from everyone who works with me. Lastly, I am dedicated to providing excellent care to patients of the upper extremity and helping them return to work, play, and daily activities that were painful or problematic before.